Prospectus - Routine at Marlborough House

Children arrive and play with their friends whilst parents or carers talk to key persons. The children also self register themselves on arrival and this is a job that they can be in charge of, supporting their independence and the fact that they belong in the setting.


Free Play


Play is a wonderful thing and involves all developments that a child should gain and experience.


We make sure that our environment is enabled so that the children can access all the toys and activities to achieve the desired Early Years Foundation Stage outcomes independently as well as being led by skilled practitioners when needed through fun activities and play.


Play gives a child opportunity to learn to be independent, by making choices about what they would like to play and being interested in their choices. Our practitioners help the children enrich their vocabulary, around the activities the child has chosen. Children then remember what they have learnt and build on those experiences.With this the child becomes more inquisitive more confident and sociable in their environment.


Circle Time


Circle time brings together the children to welcome each other and the practitioners. Each child is said 'Good morning' to and with this is encouraged to make a response, however little at first. We know they will soon be saying 'Good morning in their loudest voice.


Children take turns in the circle to talk and be listened to, telling us their important news. The children will request their favourite songs and rhymes and even do impromptu solos. We have a repertoire of songs and rhymes that are very familiar and we learn new poems and songs together that can be linked to our recent interests and topics.                        


These we use to sing to parents on celebration days, to show off our wonderful work (play).


Adult Led Activities


Children enjoy working with the practitioners on adult guided but often child initiated activities.


Outside Environment


At Marlborough House we make use of the outside area in all weathers, we use the natural surroundings to stimulate children's sociable play, communication, language and knowledge of the world around them. This encourages physical development and helps towards good habits for lifelong enjoyment and well-being.


Children's creative development is also supported in the outside area through painting and mark making to constructing pirate ships and trains with boxes and tyres.


Numbers and letters are also used in the outside areas, through labelling of growing plants and buying plants in our garden centre.


Outdoor learning has equal value to indoor learning and is given the same amount of attention to all developments.


Role Play


Children will act out their experiences in the home corner, such as shopping, cooking and the daily routine at home. In the construction area children relate to building being done at home or roadworks they have seen on the way to nursery. Children use the knowledge of their surroundings to build bridges on the duplo table, and play with the animals and recreate a farm visit. At Marlborough House we encourage this and use this information in our observations to plan for the child's next stage of development. So experiences from home that they can link with play at school are so important. Please feel free to share these with us.


Messy Play


'To mess about is to play with something and it is through play - which is part of the creative process - that children learn and develop. Children are being creative when they use materials in new ways, combine previously unconnected materials and make discoveries that are new to them, and messy play enables children to do all these things.'


DfES (2007) Early Years Foundation Stage Primary National Stategy: All about...Messy Play. London: Department for Education and Skills/The Stationery Office.


















Book Areas


Children are encouraged through good story telling to participate and listen to discussions about favourite characters, story telling is a daily occurrence and children are encouraged to access the book area with staff and independently.A wide range of books are available, to encourage children to understand the diverse world around them, and to love reading. We provide well loved characters to support all learners and add a tactile auditory visual experience to entertain all young learners.