Prospectus - Learning Through Play



 Play is important in the early years, it is the fundamental tool for a child's development, growth, well-being and ability to learn. At Marlborough House we strive to bring out the best in every child through play. We take care, support and observe every child according to their needs.Within small groups we give children a home from home experience in which they are nurtured and cared for by experienced staff.






Creativity is not about pleasing adults or producing adult determined art, music or dance. Children given the resources to create their own ideas produce the most imaginative work. Skilled staff know how to facilitate an activity,and help children interpret, there own ideas. This normally means paint up to elbows and dreamy hand printing.


Confidence building at the foundation stage and making children realise their feelings and ideas do matter, gives children the confidence at an early age to speak out in groups and later when moving on to school it enables them to take part in class discussions and express their views.


At Marlborough House we set out to prepare children to go on to school fully equipped with the foundations in all areas to compliment the work they will do in their reception year and ahead with confidence.