Prospectus - Continuous Provision

Continuous Provision


Enjoyment in all the Nursery School activities is the desired aim of Marlborough House. Children will be learning through self-initiated and teacher initiated activities within the Nursery School environment. Children will be given the opportunity to develop Language and Literacy skills throughout their time at Marlborough House and through play they are encouraged to explore their ideas and experiences in new and imaginative ways.


Daily Sessions


Within the nursery environment, where play is the most important part of our day, we provide children with a routine and structure that helps them to become confident and independent. This gives the children the sense of time and fulfils their purpose at Marlborough House, which is to have a secure, fun learning experience in which they can explore.


Lunch Session


Lunch is a time for children to socialise whilst under the supervision and guidance of the key worker/s. Developing personal and social skills and encouraging independence.The children are reminded to be considerate to others and are encouraged to eat healthily.Lunch session is available for children between 12.15pm and 1pm. Please provide a packed lunch for your child.


Behaviour (Personal, Social and Emotional Development)


At Marlborough House, our practitioners can be there to help children when play becomes difficult when children need to understand rules and be fair to others. We can skilfully intervene to help children understand the importance to treat all individuals as equals.


We pride ourselves on teaching children to feel empowered to stand up for themselves in a confident manner, promoting good behaviour through role modelling and examples. Children enjoy their achievements, for themselves and others, and are rewarded for this verbally and with a sticker. If behaviour becomes a concern we work with parents to provide a plan .We ask for the parents support and patience with this so a solution can be reached.


Parental Involvement


We are keen to encourage a good relationship with parents and children at all times. Parents will be kept in touch with all their child's achievements and activities through daily contact.


We provide twice yearly consultations and parents are invited to talk to the staff at any suitable time. Reports are issued annually for each child.We also have a 'Parents as Partners, scheme so that parents can join the setting during a session to read, play a musical instrument or demonstrate any skills they may have.